Know more about the Alert function

When a user meets the condition set by the admin for a specific bot. A reminder is then sent to the user.

For this function to work, the admin must make sure that

  • Get Started page has been completed, from the AAD Authorization, Installing and adding MSPbots App to Teams global policy, to providing your Ticketing system's API Key
  • The Alert switch is turned on for a specific bot

This product is integrated into MS Teams and that it is communicating and guiding techs in an application they live in daily.

It also requires human interaction for a task to be completed. As our Alert bots are designed to guide the users by providing a real-time update and next best action.

Go to the Bots tab to view all our available bot to help you with your business workflow. Identify which bots you would want to send a message to your techs.

You may also go to the customize column to edit the bot's

  • Alert Messages sent to the users
  • Parameter - This is the condition for when the bot will be triggered
  • Escalation - When to trigger the escalation flow
  • Gamification messages