Attendance Alert Bots

These bots have been designed to help eliminate timesheet errors adjustments and unnecessary administrative work. These will improve your techs' productivity and compliance.

The bot checks the technician's work schedule and sends a reminder that it is 10 minutes (*customizable) past their scheduled log in time. The message also includes an instruction on how to login from Microsoft Teams by typing "in at [actual start time]". This requires a work schedule to be set up.

Here are the different Attendance bots we have: 

                             NAME                        DESCRIPTION
Clock In Reminder Remind user to clock in if late to the scheduled start time
Clock Out Reminder Remind user to clock out if the user didn't do so after the scheduled work end time
Tasks Prompter - Beginning of Day Send user the task list before the start of the workday
Tasks Prompter - End of Day Send user a customized message before the day ends
Time Exceeded Alert - Break Remind user to log back in if the break time is over
Time Exceeded Alert - Lunch Remind user to log back in if the lunch break is over


If you are having issues with the bots, reach out to our support team.

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