Manage Attendance tabs


  • Allows you to view your team’s Attendance status and activity levels across the day.
  • Users can request a Schedule Adjustment by clicking the Edit option next to the attendance status with the Time-stamp
  • Be updated on who is working on a ticket (in-progress status), In-Idle status, and who is on Break, Lunch, and is done for the day

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This can help your business

  • Enhance Customer service and improve business continuity
  • Can give Operation Managers valuable insight into their team’s workflow and efficiency



Displays team members name, attendance action, TimeStampt, and Pending Schedule adjustment 

  • Admins can approve or decline a schedule adjustment by clicking the "Approve" option

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Shows the same information as the User Management from the Settings tab

  • Admins can disable an account to hide them from the Attendance Board
  • Turn off Message alert for a specific user


Work Schedule

View, add and modify your teams' weekly schedule

  • Create a Template that you can assign to your team for their weekly schedule
  • Modify Team members' schedule