Bot Management

How to manage and configure Bots

Bots are tailored to assist employees by providing a real-time update and next best action. 

Currently, MSPbots has 4 types of bots that are tailored to assist your team by providing a real-time update and next best action.

  • Ticket
  • TimeEntry
  • Attendance
  • Idle Check

How to manage the bots' trigger alert and messages

From the Bot tab switches, you can choose which bots to activate to help streamline your business processes.
  • Trigger → Allows the admin to view all triggered bots in the Bot Reports section
    • By default, all bots are enabled.
  • Alert → Switching the Alert function will allow the bot to send messages to the user when action meets the condition set by Admin
  • Escalate → MSPbots can escalate a user's continuous triggering of a bot to the Team manager and even the Operation manager
  • Customize → Modify how each bot triggers an Alert. Customize messages, conditions, and escalation flow

Navigate to the bot that requires editing

  • Then click the Edit button, wait for a pop-up window to appear
    • Modify how each bot triggers an Alert
      • Customize message sent to the users
      • Update the bot condition and escalation flow
      • Click Apply, then Confirm

When customizing the messages in the Message box, do not edit/remove the words inside the { }. 

You can always revert back to the default message by clicking Load Default

Bot Managament1
If you are having issues with the bots, reach out to our support team.
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