Manage the Bots tab

For MSPs to operate effectively, it is simply a matter of identifying which workflow needs improvement and knowing how to resolve those areas.

It is important to install the MSPbots app from the App store as this is how the bot would communicate to the users

Bots help you identify opportunities to automate specific workflows

  • Enabled bots can keep track of when it is triggered by a specific user under the Bot Reports tab. And the manager can view which task has been continuously been an issue and is affecting team productivity and business continuity.
  • Bots that have the Alert switch turned on can send notifications to the technician to help them with completing their day-to-day task such as:
    • Correct Ticket logs update the team if the ticket has been handled already or is waiting for future action
    • Update Ticket status. This is to help Managers process ticket billing on time and also aid the next assignee on how to handle the tickets
    • Prepare for the upcoming scheduled onsite task

The Bots Tab has all bots that are available for the Admin to use.

Here you will see All different types of bots available to help automate your business workflows. We have categorized each bot base on their type.

  • Attendance - Aids the users on a task that are related to their Attendance status
  • IdleCheck - Aids the users on their Idle status
  • Teams - Reminds team member about their completed task before their shift ends
  • Ticket - Aids the users on a task that are related to tickets status
  • TimeEntry - Aids the users on a task that are related to Ticket logs and Time Entry

    Once you have identified which bot you would want to use. We have a few bot switches that you need to also be familiar with

    • Trigger → Allow the bots to keep track of the number of times it's triggered. You may view the data log under Bot Trigger Report
    • Alert switch →Enable the bot to send out reminders to technicians whenever they meet the condition set by the admin
    • Escalate → Enable escalation when technicians have triggered the same bot for an x consecutive times. A reminder will be sent to the users' manager.
    • Customize → Modify how each bot triggers an Alert. Customize messages, conditions, and escalation flow

    We also have the Main Bot switch to turn off all bots if you would want to troubleshoot or identify which bot is essential for your business workflow

    Adjust the Bots that would best suit your business needs.

    How the bots work

    • Bots are tailored to assist employees by providing a real-time update and next best action guidance before an unfinished task goes overdue
    • Review Ticket logs such as Late Time Entry, Overlap Time Entry, Attached Agreement, and many more. Helping technicians build a good work habit and eliminating tasks that are prone to “human error”
    • Serves as an assistant to the Managers, let the Bots review your team's workflow and efficiency. As the bots can send out Alert messages if they have been idle for too long, Ticket long in progress, and users their QA check results before their shift end and when they go on break
    • We have an “Attended automation” bot, which means it requires human interaction for a task to be completed
    • This is data-driven. Completing each integration is important for the bots to work and every action the bots make would leave a digital log

    Don’t forget to complete first the “Get Started” page, as our bots are data-driven.