Turn-off or disable bot notification

Mute or turn-off alert bots notification sent to teams

You can select which alert bots you would want to trigger a message to be sent to your team.

To disable or mute all messages triggered by a specific bot, go to:

  • From the Bot tab, locate which bot you would want to disable the message report or mute the alerts
    • You may filter  or sort the type of bots
    • From there, you may click the Alert and Escalate tab next to the bot to mute the notifications
      • The Enable would allow you to see the messages in the Bot Message Report but will not send the message to the users


To disable or mute messages to a specific user

  • Go to Attendance and click 'User' tab or Go to Settings and click 'User Management' tab 
  • Locate the user you would want to disable the notification
    • Click Edit next to the profile
    • Locate Message switch, then turn off the switch
    • Click Confirm  to save changes

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Only Admin can make changes in Bot and user settings

If you are still getting notifications, please report this by submitting an incident report via support@mspbots.ai or thru our chatbot

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