Get Started

How to set-up your MSPbots account

To start using your MSPbots account, the admin of the Office 365 should complete the "Get Started" page. As our bots would convert provided data into actionable items

Set-up Timezone

MSPbots will store all timestamps for Reports and Attendance record using the TimeZone selected

AAD Authorize

This is needed to sync users’ managers, position, and avatar pictures, as well as future users’ data changes from AAD.
This step is important as the escalation bot feature is dependent on the user's manager information from the AAD. 
  • If you are not AAD admin, please add one of your AAD administrators as MSPbots admin here, then let them log in and finish this step

Install MSPbots App

Install teams app from Microsoft App Source. As users would receive notification from and send commands to MSPbots.

Teams Global Policy

Adding MSPbots to Teams Global policy to get App installed automatically for your current and future AAD users. 

Add more Admins

Grant admin access to other users to help you with managing MSPbots functions such as Bots, Attendance, and Reports

Setup Connectors

MSPbots help you gain visibility via reports, automate the processes, and make decisions to improve your MSP business based on the data.

Please go to the Integrations page, connect to your applications by following the instruction there. The more data you provide to MSPbots, the more it can help with automating your business workflow.