Time Doctor Configuration

Time Doctor is one of the common tracking system used by MSPs. MSPbots users can now setup the Time Doctor connector to automate tasks and generate reports from it.

The integration allows MSPbots to generate work hours and utilization reports from Time Doctor.

MSPbots only reads data provided by Time Doctor, so any changes that would need to be applied should be done in the Time Doctor app itself.

How to set up the Time Doctor connector: 

1. From the Data Connectors page, navigate to the Time Doctor section.

2. Select config

3. Input the account you currently use on Time Doctor.

4. Click save and synchronize to test the data connector.

If you are having any account-related issues it is best to contact your admin or double-check if the account you are trying to sync is registered in your Time Doctor domain.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any synchronization issues or have trouble setting up Time Doctor on the app.

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