In Progress within 30 Minutes

QA Monitoring

This bot is available for AutoTask PSA Integration

Sends the count of tickets that are currently in "In Progress" status for at least 30 minutes to the technician's respective managers.

Sample Message will include:

  • Manager's Name
  • Ticket Counts exceeding 30 minutes under In Progress
  • Link to MSPbots Widget containing detailed info on ticket/s.

Use Case:

These bots are used to notify Team Leads / Managers of specific low-performing Technician/s who have been working on issues for an extended period of time. This will enable the supervisors to take immediate correcting action if needed.

Filtering Options Available:

  • Job Title / Technician Position
  • Queue / Board
  • Technician Name

Pre-requisites Before Use:

  • Technician / Employee Roles are properly defined in Azure Directory
  • Managers / Supervisors are indicated properly defined in Azure Directory

Video Link on How to Use: