Missing PSA

What happens if PSA API Key is missing or not synced

MSPbots is a data-driven software. If the PSA is missing or not properly synced, you have no access to our Bots. The Dashboard will show "No records display", or you will only see default data.

PSA API key is needed for the Bots to review your team's daily tickets and productivity.

It helps the managers check and review each ticket that the technician has tagged as "Resolved" or "Completed". Ensuring that all tickets have:

  • Correct Time Entry Logs, to properly bill the clients
  • No open Tasks on Resolved Tickets
  • Tickets do not have any Overlapped Time Entries
  • Does a quick QA check and sends a summary to the technician before their shift ends. Helping techs to review any tickets that have pending tasks before leaving the office
  • Triggers an escalation and calls out Managers' attention to help their technician if a workflow has been triggered consecutively

Reports and Datasets help managers generate reports to help them analyze if they are improving their productivity or coaching purposes.

The attendance board will display each of the team member's daily statuses. Making sure there is visibility and transparency even when working remotely.


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