Modify Trigger Alert Bot notification

Admin can modify the conditions, messages, escalation process, and gamification of each bot

From the Bot tab

  • Locate the bot you would want to modify
  • Under Customize column, click the Edit option
  • A pop-up window would appear
    • Send message switch: Allows you to turn on and off message alert function
    • Parameters: Gives admin flexibility on setting the condition on how the bot will trigger an alert sent to the user
    • Messages: What the bot will send to the user
    • Send Escalation message to user switch: Allows you to turn on and off the escalation function
  • Make the necessary changes from the window
  • When modifying messages, do not change anything within the  "{  }"  as it will break the code
    • To revert back to default, click the Load Default below the message field

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Bot switch functions:

  • Enable - Activates preview message capability in the reports tab

  • Alert - Enabling Alert function will allow the bot to send messages to the user when action meets the condition set by admin

  • Escalate - MSPbots can escalate a user's continuous triggering of a bot to the Team manager and even the Operation manager

  • Disable All Bots' Messages - This will disable all bots
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