MSPbots Features and Functionality

Understand how to use MSPbots

MSPbots aims to empower employees to focus on important processes instead of investing in time-consuming repetitive tasks to improve business efficiency.

Our Product is data-driven, every action the bots make would leave a digital log. 

To fully utilize the bots, it is crucial for the Admins to complete the Get started page. Here is why it is important

Bots Function

  • Automate your business workflow by enabling the Bot's Trigger and Alert features. The Bots are available to a specific Ticketing system and software. Right now, all 28 bots that we currently have are open to ConnectWise PSA. 6 Bots that are available to MS Teams app
  • Is integrated into MS teams and it communicates as well as guides the user in an application they live in daily
  • Aiding tasks that are prone to “human errors”, prioritizing support-related queries, and coping with the day-to-day task

  • Send notifications to aid users to complete their day-to-day task such as:

    • Proper Ticket handling and Time Entry logs

    • This is to help Managers process ticket billing on time and aid the next assignee on how to handle the tickets

    • Prepare for the upcoming scheduled onsite task

  • Assisting Managers with managing their teams' daily task, especially when working remotely

Attendance Board

  • Will display team members from your AAD, and would also display your team’s activity levels across the day
  • Be up-to-date on your teams' activity, as the board would display the ticket details under the user's avatar. The status would display the ticket number, priority of the ticket, and for how long they're working on the ticket
    • Priority 1 – Red status color
    • Priority 2 – Orange status color
    • Low Priority – Yellow status color

Reports and Datasets

  • Giving management the ability to review and simplify the audit process

    • Accounting or Finance reports

    • Team members attendance records

  • Extract data for coaching materials for the managers to use when giving a coaching session or 1x1 meeting with their team members
    • Ticket status, Data logs and Time Entry, and Utilization reports

If the Get started page is not completed, the tabs would most likely show "No record to display" as there is no data to support the feature