MSPbots glossary

This glossary defines a number of key terms and identifiers used often in

Admin User

Administrators have access to:

  • Manage users and groups
  • Managing the Bots Tab
  • Modify and Approved functions in the Attendance Board
  • Add and Modify integrations
  • View and Edit Reports / Datasets table and pivot grind

Configurations  Built according to the specifications of the business need

User-activated, the one-way pull of information from an external source. You must have an Administrator role or a Manager role that has access to all organizations


A process of linking together various IT systems in MSPbots to improve productivity and quality of their MSPs operations.

Organization Unit (OU) The primary organization is automatically set based on the business name used to create your account.
Role Management

Secure method of controlling access to information. Grant user-specific access to other users based on their role and business needs



Are ways to isolate a Parent-OU from the child-OU to add configurations and other information that can be displayed within their sub-organizations.


The Admin would only make changes to synced data once. For example, if you authorized sync with a PSA, select synced fields are read-only in Any changes made in your PSA to fields that are syncing with MSPbots will be pushed to MSPbots during the next data load.


Timestamps show you the exact dates and times things took place in, such as when a particular bot is triggered. Make sure that you update your time zone. This setting affects timestamps in Reports and Datasets.


Are Processes that MSPbots can automate for you. Our bots can send out a notification if triggered. These notifications are sent via Team apps