New Users Signup Process

A step by step guide in setting up your

  • Open a new browser window then go to:

  • Select “Sign up with Office 365”

  • Type in the credentials that you plan to use as the MSPbots Admin

  • Upon successful registration of your Office 365 account, the current login page will be grayed out and will display a “Logging In” notification at the center. You will be receiving an email notification as well on the registered Admin email address.

  • New users will be welcomed with a greeting along with a recommended ‘Take Tour’ button for navigation familiarization.

  • After taking the tour or cancelling the Welcome splash screen, new users will be taken to a required form to fill out details about their MSP. Click next to proceed to ‘Step 2’.

  • Click ‘Authorize AAD’. Select the correct user on the Microsoft Login popup which then change to an authorization success notification upon completion. Click next to proceed to ‘Step 3’.

  • Install in Microsoft Teams. Click on Apps button located at the bottom left hand portion of the window then type in MSPbots in the ‘Search all’ text box. Choose the MSPBots published under Jexet Technologies LLC then click on the ‘Add’ button. MSPBots app will then appear as one of the icons on the left toolbar of Microsoft teams. A short video presentation is included on this step for a visual guide to new users. Click next to proceed to ‘Step 4’.

  • Configuring Teams Global Policy
    • Go to then login to your admin account.
    • Go to admin by clicking the second to the last icon located at the bottom left portion of the screen.

    • Once you are in the Office 365 admin, scroll down on the left tool page section then select ‘Teams’ under the ‘Admin Centers’. Use this link if you cannot located this section:

    • The landing page will be Microsoft Teams Dashboard.

    • Proceed to ‘Setup Policies’ under ‘Team apps’ section located on the left tools list of the page. Click on ‘Global (Org-wide default)’.

    • Click on the ‘Add apps’ button under the ‘Installed apps’ section of the page. A search bar will appear on the right hand portion of the page that would allow to search for apps. Type in ‘MSPBots’ then select the first item that was published under Jexet Technologies LLC.

    • Once added, the MSPBots app will be included under the ‘Pinned apps’ of the same screen. Icon arrangements can be customized by placing a check mark on the selected app then clicking the ‘Move up’ or ‘Move down’ buttons. It is recommended that MSPBots should be placed at the top of the list for ease of access.

    • After making sure that the items have been saved, please allow a few minutes for AAD and Teams policies to synchronize. Upon finishing, check your Microsoft Teams app and MSPBots icon should already be there and will be stacked accordingly to what was configured on the previous step.

    • Return to the MSPBots app on your browser to proceed with the setup process. Click next to proceed to ‘Step 5’.
  • This page would allow the user to add more admins that will help him/her on managing the MSPBots app. Simply type in the user name to search bar then click on the ‘Add Extra Admin’ button. Click next to proceed to ‘Step 6’.

  • Review the best practices for bots. Link:

Click next to proceed to ‘Step 7’.


  • Setup Connectors will assist new users on setting up the MSPBots integrations. Start by clicking on ‘Set Up Integrations’ button located on the bottom right corner of the page.

    • This will take the user to the configuration page based on the list of supported integrations selected during the ‘Step 1’ of the setup process. Notice that Teams will be only item under the ‘Connected’ section for now since this is already done on the ‘Step 4’ of the setup process. All other integrations that have not yet been configured will be on the ‘Waiting to be connected’ section of the page.
    • To setup other integrations, click on their respective ‘Config’ button. Type in the required fields then click on ‘Save and Synchronize’.

    • Allow for a few seconds for the sync process to finish before proceeding to configure the next integration you want to use. Every successful integration setup should now appear under the ‘Connected’ section of the screen.
  • Congratulations! You have now completed setting up your MSPBots. You can review the steps you have accomplished by going to Settings>Get Started.