Not receiving Bot alert messages

This article will guide you to address the issue with not receiving alert bots messages

From the MSPbots Teams App

Check if the MSP Team Apps is not blocked

  • Right-click on the MSPBots icon
    • Check if the option is "Block".

IF yes, then messages are not blocked by the App

IF no, click the 'Unblock'. Verify if you can now receive Alert Bot messages

Verify if the MSPBots Team App is updated. The current updated version is  (1.17)

  • Click the 'About' tab and check the version.

IF the version is not 1.17, go to the Microsoft Teams App source. And download the latest version


From the

Check if  'Teams'  has been set-up already from the Get started page

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 1.10.35 AM

From User Management

  • Locate the user that is unable to receive the bot messages
    • Scroll to the right then click the Edit option
    • Go to the Message Switch to make sure it is enabled for the user
      • If it is disabled, click to switch it back on
      • Then click Confirm 

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