Manage Reports tab

Bots gather data from users existing accounting and Reports software and automate the data for the users to read it easily

Reports are able to show how an MSP will start their day by highlighting new priority tickets, display current in-progress work, IT personnel availability, and even dispatch schedules. Providing a birds-eye view of the IT operations will enable the team to work more efficiently and assist the teams’ productivity during the day until the end of the shift.

Reports Tab

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Financial Tab

Bots Reports

Having the ability to review the Bot reports gives management insights on

  • Which task their team or workflow needs help with
  • Trends on mistakes that are repetitively committed by techs
  • Identify if the Bots are helping techs improve and build a good work habit

The Records tab will show  "No record to display" if the Get Started page has not been completed by the Admin