What reports are available?

Apart from pulling "read only" data from ConnectWise, we've also integrated Quickbooks, Time Doctor, and Autotask.

Here are the reports available for each new integration:


1. Product Margin

2. Percent Services to Total Revenue

3. Percent of Recurring Revenues to Total Service Revenue

4. Percent Project and Installation Revenue to Total Service Revenue

5. Percent Other Non-Recurring Revenue to Total Service Revenue

6. Percent Service Salaries to Total Service Revenue

7. Percent Recurring COGS to Total Service Revenue

8. Service Gross Profit Margin

9. Percent Training Expense to Total Service Revenue

10. Percent Sales Salaries and Commissions to Total Revenue

11. Percent Advertising and Marketing to Total Revenue

12. Gross Profit Margin after Sales Expense

13. Admin as a Percentage of Total Revenue

14. Net Operating Profit Margin


1. Utilization 


1. Utilization


1. Utilization

2. Next Ticket Usage

3. Next Ticket Reject

If you are having issues with reports, you can reach out to our support team.
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