Autotask Connector

Setting up Autotask Connector

Connecting your Autotask to MSPbots enables our bots to pull in "read-only" user data and gives you the ability to enable the Message Alert bots, Reporting Bots, and

Main steps to complete the set-up

  • Generate an API User and getting API Keys from Autotask

  • Entering the API keys from Autotask into MSPbots

Creating an API User and Getting API Keys from Autotask

  • Log into Autotask and navigate to the menu on the left and click on Admin           
  • Click on the + sign to expand the Resources/Users (HR) section
  • Click on Resources/Users
  • Hover over the downward arrow at the top left of the window and click on New API User
  • Fill out the necessary fields under the First General area
    • Set the First Name to MSPbots
    • Set the Last Name to AI
    • Set the Email Address to any email address
    • Set the Security Level to the highest level to prevent sync and view permissions later
  • Generate the API keys under the Second General area
    • Click the Generate Key button to generate a user key. Make sure to take note of the key as it may be inaccessible in the future. 
    • Click the Generate Secret button to generate a secret password. Again, this information may be inaccessible anymore, so please take note. 
  • Select the vendor from the dropdown in the API Tracking Identifier section
    • Make sure the Integration Vendor is selected
    • Scroll through the list to find and select MSPbots
  • For the Line of Business field, include all relevant items that relate to ticketing to ensure MSPbots can see the right areas. Include all if you're not certain which ones are right.

Entering the API keys from Autotask into MSPbots

Now that we have generated the user and key information, syncing and sharing of data can now begin. 

  1. Navigate to your MSPbots app and  on the left side of the home page, click Data Connectors > scroll down to Autotask and click on "Config

  2. Fill out the Information section
    • For API User Name, enter the username (key) you noted earlier from Autotask
    • For API User Password, enter the password (secret) key you noted earlier from Autotask
  3. Once both are entered, click Save and Synchronize 
    • If set correctly, you'll get a message stating the synchronization was a success.
If you are having issues in setting up the Autotask connector, reach out to our support team.
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