Settings Tab

Allows you to make basic changes to MSPbots features

User Management

  • Lets you view all user details gathered from your Teams users and PSA users
  • Disable user profile to hide it from the Attendance Tab
  • Enable and Disable message alerts to a specific user

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  • Allows you to view your Organization Unit or structure base from your Teams user (AAD sync)
    • Admins can also Add and Delete OUs and changes will only take effect within MSPbots Settings tab

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Role Management 

  • Grant user-specific admin permission to a user
    • Menu Scope → Grants access to tabs and options in the MSPbots app
    • Data Scope → Restricts access granted in Menu scope base on the organization and/or department 

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Work Schedule

  • Allows you to create and modify your teams' Work Schedule
    • Create a Template to assign it to your teams per batch
  • This setting is also available in the Attendance Tab


Make sure to complete the Get Started page to sync AAD, Teams, and Ticketing systems user profiles.