Ticket Alert Bots

These bots aim to help techs deal with tickets in an efficient manner by sending reminders on tasks, completion of data, time spent on a ticket, and many more. These help our techs deliver great service and results.

Here's an example on how it works:

(Ticket Resolution Prompter)

This bot sends a reminder to the user to update the ticket if the Next Step is left blank.

The technician has the option to enter "No Next Step" if there is no further action needed.

Here are the Ticket bots we have available:

                           NAME                        DESCRIPTION
Next Ticket reject  Send a notification email when a user rejects a ticket in the NextTicket screen
Next Ticket Utilization Reminder Inform user that his/her current Next Ticket usage does not meet the company's required rate
Onsite Schedule Prompter Remind user about an upcoming scheduled Onsite task
Scheduled Tickets Not Acknowledged
Checks if they've acknowledged their tickets for the day. If they haven't, it reminds them to review their calendars
Ticket Closure QA QA check when a ticket is closed
Ticket Long "In Progress" Verifier Remind user to take action or ask for help if the ticket is In Progress longer than a certain period of time
Ticket Resolution Prompter Remind user to add the resolution to a completed ticket if it's left blank


If you are having issues with the bots, reach out to our support team.

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