Time Entry Alert Bots

These bots have been developed to help technicians keep accurate time entries despite having multiple tickets and tasks to work on.

The bot checks on several factors in determining which time entries need to be adjusted so the tech can make changes to avoid extra administrative work and loss of revenue.

Here are the available time entry alert bots we have:

                              NAME                         DESCRIPTION
After-Business Hours Verifier Alert user if the time entry is after business hours but the work type is set to business hours
Attached Agreement Prompter Alert user if time entry has no attached agreement (to prevent agreement profitability calculation issues)
Insufficient Time Entry Prompter Ask user to add details to the time entry if long hours were logged but only a few words were written
Late Onsite Time Entry Alert Alert user to add time entry as soon as it's finished if the Onsite time entry is late by a certain number of hours
Late Remote Time Entry Alert Alert user to add time entry as soon as it's finished if the Remote time entry is late by a certain number of minutes
Next Step Prompter Alert user to write the "Next Step" if there's none in the time entry
Overlapped Time Entries Alert Notify user if a new time entry overlaps with an existing one
Password in Time Entry Warning Notify user if the password seems to be included in the time entry
Prolonged Time Entry Verifier Alert user when a time entry is too long. Sometimes, techs accidentally enter their time entries as PM, instead of AM. This causes a long time entry. The bot will detect this and alert the user to fix the issue
Remote vs. Travel Time Entry Verifier Ask user to check time entry type if a Travel time entry is followed by a Remote time entry
Short Time Entry Verifier Remind user to check whether their time entry should be billed if it's less than 5 minutes
Words of Time Entry Analyzer Alert user if the time entry contains specific words
Work Type Prompter Ask users to confirm their Work Type (normally set as Remote) if their time entry mentions "travel"


If you are having issues with the bots, reach out to our support team.
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