Add API App in TSheets

We have integrated T-sheets in Attendance as some MSPs use this to track the hourly employees' working hours for payroll.

Please note that the actual Menu layout may differ

  1. Install the API App Feature Add-On
    • Log into your TSheets Account and from the left navigation pane, select the Feature Add-ons.
    • Select the Manage Add-ons menu from the list.

2. Select the API Add-On and click Install

3. Afterward, the API Add-On will be available from the Feature Add-ons section of the left navigation pane.

4. Select Add a new application at the bottom left. If the following window is not displayed, you can select API from Feature Add-ons on the left navigation pane.

5. Enter API Application Details

Add a short name and a meaningful description. For now, just use a dummy value for the Redirect URI. It can be edited at a later time.

6. When done, click Save.

Creating a New Token

1. From the API Application Details Box,

Click Add Token at the bottom left. This step will generate a token for immediate use.

2. Capture the New Token Value for Use with the API

Copy the token value for use with API method calls, and be sure to Save before exiting.

NOTE: Set the maximum token expiration time to 2099

Congratulations! You may now explore the API with ease, fully authenticated.

If you are having issues with the , reach out to our support team.
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