What do the Quickbooks and Autotask integrations do?

MSPbots' new features include the Quickbooks and Autotask integration.

On Quickbooks:

With the help of our bots, it will be easier to generate financial reports and identify the strengths and improvements needed of some functional areas in your business.

We are developing about 20 Quickbooks reports to help you monitor how your business is getting on in terms of achieving your goals.  

In addition, you're given the power to customize the presentation of your reports and gain full access to essential data whenever you need it. 

On Autotask:

MSPbots aim to help MSPs automate repetitive tasks and improve your techs'  performance on basic tasks and processes.
Through the help of our bots, we aim to reduce common process issues from recurring that may lead to loss of a client and profit. 
In 2-3 weeks, our bots will help your techs to form better habits so you don't have to do the following: 
  • inform your techs to do their time entries on time
  • remind them to attach the agreement
  • notify them of tickets that have been in progress for too long
  • remind them to write each ticket's resolution
  • verify their after-business work hours
  • and, many more
MSPBots can boost your team's productivity and utilization. We help you achieve your long-term business goals by:
  • Supporting tasks that are prone to “human errors”, and prioritizing support related queries that are dealt with on a daily basis.
  • Providing consistent service delivery, and ensuring support given is responsive and effective.
  • Giving Operation Managers valuable insight into their teams’ workflow and efficiency.
If you are having issues with the app, you can reach out to our support team.
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