Bots Boosting Businesses

How do our bots help elevate businesses? How can the bots work within my organization?

The Bots and Businesses

We have over 29 bots (and still growing) as of the moment, each one is unique and can work hand in hand with the rest. The bots themselves are easy to set up and utilize for your MSP business by following a few easy steps. The guide ensures you have a smooth experience transitioning and using the bot for your business as soon as possible.

We believe automation is the stepping-stone for the future of any business. The business side of bots mainly comes into play since the bots have key roles within any business or organization. The bots simply eliminate the need for doing mundane and repetitive tasks which saves time and cuts expenses, they give reminders when mistakes are detected which prevent the loss of revenue or even potential clients, and most importantly - they ensure customer satisfaction. We also believe facts and data are the strongest way to show this.

Our clients have had great success using the majority of bots we’ve developed and as the data above shows, with just a few minutes of training using a bot, clients had significant reductions in mistakes. The bot above is our Next Step Prompter, which sends a reminder to the user to update the ticket if the "Next Step" is not documented. The bot aims to solve the issue of technicians not putting "Next Step" on their time entries, a habit that may cause problems such as unwanted follow-ups from our clients or disconnecting our trail towards the ticket's progress. 

We have a multitude of bots that cater to MSP businesses. One of our bots, for example, Late Remote Time Entry Alert, is a bot that prompts the user to update a resolved/completed ticket if the time entry is tagged late. This focuses on the risk of forgetting to add time entries and leaving broken trails as well.

Another bot, Overlapped Time Entries Alert, detects an overlap with another ticket's time entry. Solving the risk of technicians providing the wrong resolutions and incomplete tasks on their tickets.  The bot alone had been triggered a total of 650+ times in a single week – showing just how beneficial it is in keeping track of things. 

The Verdict

The bots alone can boost and help any MSP business succeed. Since MSP businesses rely greatly on work efficiency and client satisfaction, we prioritize automation as a means to identify commonly known problems or issues in a workspace. As our clients gradually rely on the bots to eliminate hassles such as these, the business can then operate more efficiently, have more time to focus on urgent tasks, and even avoid the loss of revenue. We are always developing new bots and have plenty of exciting bots catering to different business setups, we hope this article can help you find the bots custom fit for you!

If you are having issues with the bots, reach out to our support team.
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